Free Knitting Patterns

Simple Beanie

This is a simple pattern to make a warm hat for a cold child. A blanket can keep almost all of a child warm, but they still need something to protect their heads from the cold!


Knitted KASCuddle/ Le Cuddle tricoté

The KASCuddle is designed to be an outer garment, like a “little sleeping bag” to be used over whatever clothing the baby might be wearing. The size (30" circumference, 35" long) will make it useful for babies up to the age of 12-15 months. The ‘cuff’ or ‘collar’ can be rolled up to lay younger babies’ heads on, or rolled down as the babies grow.


KAS Hand-Warmers/ Chauffe Mains tricoté

The hand-warmer is designed to keep a child’s wrist and hand covered while leaving the fingers free. Classrooms are usually unheated. The hand-warmers will keep hands warm while the fingers are holding a pencil or crayon.

knitted_other_chauffe mains tricote.pdf

Block Stitch Square

This pattern creates a great, double thickness square in two colours, without all the confusion that you get with normal fair-isle. This stitch pattern is very useful when trying to use a soft, "unstable" yarn such as chenille or thick short eyelash, which can easily stretch out of shape used on its own.


Checkerboard Square

This stitch pattern creates a gently textured square, and can easily be adapted for any yarn or gauge.


Diagonal Square

For the slightly more advanced knitter, a diagonal square is one of the best ways to make sure that your squares are always the perfect size and shape, no matter what yarn or needles you are using!


Gemma’s Square

Zanny adapted the basket weave pattern to make a baby blanket for Gemma, her great-niece and Ronda’s granddaughter.


Heart Square

Show a child just how much they are loved, by rendering a heart right into their blanket square.


Mitre Square

This square is guaranteed to come out the right size, because it starts from the corner and grows outward.


’Plain Jane’ Square / Carré Simple Tricote

"Plain Jane" and striped squares are the most fundamental part of what Knit-A-Square does. It takes 35 of these squares to make a blanket for a child in need, and each square is treasured (even if they sometimes come out a bit wonky!)


Six Stitch Rib Square/ Carré à Côtes 6 x 6

As well as making squares which are thicker and warmer, ribbed squares have almost no curl around the edges, which makes them great, sturdy edge squares on a blanket as well as bright centre squares.

knitted_square_carre 6 cotes.pdf

Two Stitch Rib Square

This square, as well as being warm, will provide the children with a tactile pattern to explore.


Zanny’s Square

The original pattern for this square came from a pattern for a vest by Zanny. Zanny is Sandy’s mother and Ronda’s sister.


Framed Stripes Square

The square has an interesting and attractive textured centre. It also uses up the small balls of yarn sitting at the bottom of your knitting basket. Make the square with as many colours as you like but remember to weave in all the ends.

Knitted_Square_Framed_Stripes .pdf

Knitted Go-Over/ Le Dessus Tout tricoté

The most important thing about the GO-OVER is that it has large enough armhole and neck openings to accommodate hoodies or whatever else underneath.

knitted_garment_le_dessus_tout_ tricoté.pdf

Zanny’s T Sweater

This sweater is from the original KAS pattern by Zanny (Ronda’s sister, Sandy’s Mother). This was the first garment pattern issued by KAS.


Heather’s Winter Warmer

This lovely raglan-style design uses colours and stitch textures to make a gorgeous warm sweater for a child.


Kathy’s Cozy Jumper

The beauty is that it really is so simple to make but so warm - which is of course the most important thing.


Teddy Hand Puppet

The children in Shelley’s school knitting club make these as their first attempt at knitting, so they must be simple! They make a companion for a lonely child to talk to, or if you make two, then it's a pair of gloves


Jolly Jumpsuit Doll

This is a sweet knit doll who will give lots of hugs and love plus be smartly dressed in her Jolly Jumpsuit. She is 8 inches/ 20 cm tall, just the perfect size for a child to hold.


KAS Cuddlebug

This delightful toy has been designed as the mascot for KAS. It will give hours of fun to the child who receives this huggable Bug.


Loom Knitting Comfort Doll

The Loom Comfort doll is a lovely toy for the advanced beginner loom knitter. Approximately 8 inches/ 20 cm tall, this toy will be loved by a child in South Africa. The children have so few, if any toys, to call their own. This doll will become a special friend to be hugged and provide opportunities for creative play and imaginative conversation.

Loom Doll.pdf

Grace’s Ribbed Vest /Veste à Côtes tricoté

This vest is stretchy with sturdy shoulder straps which makes it great for growing kids.


Robert’s Ribbed Slip-Over

The rib in this vest means that it will stretch over many different sizes and shapes, while keeping the child warm.


Wendy’s Slip Over

This vest allows for a generous overall length especially for KAS Care children to accommodate potentially swollen tummies.