Do you love crocheting and knitting for charity?

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Make and send 8"x 8"(20cm) squares and help keep a cold orphan warm.

Please read the Wish List.  Ronda has prioritized the items the children need.

The focus will continue to be:

Squares - Hats - Hand-warmers - Cuddly Toys













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It is estimated that there are 14.8 million orphans in sub-Saharan Africa. 1.9 million live in South Africa.


Many of these children are AIDS orphans or have been abandoned. Many live in great poverty in informal settlements. Some head up families of their siblings together with other children. Some live alone, without shelter, in hills and dumps around the cities.

In southern Africa, they refer to these children as OVC's - orphaned or vulnerable children. While other children's charities work hard to provide food and shelter for them, we aim to provide warmth and comfort.

The knit-a-square project was started as a family project in 2008 and is now a world-wide community numbering an estimated 12,000 people in 54 countries round the world.

Together we work hard to help warm and comfort the children and we'd greatly value your contribution to this knitting project for the AIDS orphans of southern Africa. We ask the world's knitters and crocheters to send 8"/20 cm squares to South Africa, where we have them sewn into blankets for the children.


We need your help more than ever!

As a volunteer organisation, we would be deeply appreciative for your support. This will help us continue our grassroots movement to raise awareness of the AIDS orphans' plight, as well as keeping them warm, especially those who are themselves affected by HIV/AIDS.

Every square that is sent goes into a blanket

At its heart, knit-a-square really is a simple crochet and knitting for charity project. To make and send 8"x 8" (20cm) squares takes little time, costs little and DOES make a difference, all while you do what you love - knitting and crocheting.

If you want to make a further difference, your voice can be heard and your ideas will count. Please help us spread the word by Liking us on our Facebook Group and joining our Square Circle forum.

Our KasFamily is chock full of fabulous ideas, free crochet and free knitting patterns, challenges and constant discussions about how we can further help the children at a grassroots level.


Free knitting patterns and crochet patterns

You can also use our free knitting patterns or free crochet patterns for designs which are well suited to the children we support.


Introduce knit-a-square to your school community.

Knit a square teacher resource coverThe project is simple and accessible and your children will quickly understand that their efforts WILL make a difference, not only in helping keep a child warm, but in raising awareness of this mostly hidden tragedy. This 40 page teacher resource will help you introduce the project into your or your child's school.


Keep up with the news

We have documented hundreds of stories of the women who sew the blankets, the children who receive them and the amazing work that this creative and caring community of knitters and crocheters does for them, through KasSnippets

Knit-a-square is a community of caring, generous and kind people who welcome new members into the friendship of the Square Circle forum and are willing to help with any queries you have. Join us and let's make a difference to these children who so desperately need our care.