Posting Us Squares

All squares need to be securely packaged and sent to :

Private Bag X900,
Bryanston 2021,
South Africa



IMPORTANT:Please write the following clearly and obviously on your package:


If this declaration is missing, then our South African volunteers may have to pay the postal office extra, unnecessary import duty!

For the most up-to-date postal rates for various size packages from various countries see the discussion at International Postal Mailing Instructions and Current Rates

In general, the least expensive way to post, is by Surface Mail. This is available from Canada, the UK and Australia. It takes longer for parcels to arrive, but since there is a constant flow of packages coming in, this is not an issue. All parcels from the USA are shipped airmail (no surface mail available).

It it is practical for you, try to use soft-sided packaging rather than boxes (as boxes attract a small additional postage duty) and, where possible, use packaging which can be easily recycled. Brown packing paper is great! It is okay if you need to use boxes or other forms of packaging though, so don't worry if that is all you have available.

The South African team has requested that you enclose a packing slip with your name, country of origin, email address, and a list of contents.

Parcel opening days are very busy and hectic so this saves the team a lot of time whilst having to record the contents for the Square Lists, published monthly on the Forum.

We have made this easy for you by creating a page which includes both a packing slip and mailing label which you can print off.

Find them in the Packing Slip discussion.

To find out if your squares have arrived, please check the Square Lists at KAS Website Square Lists

Please do not be concerned if it seems to take 3 or 4 months for your name to appear on the lists. It takes several weeks for surface mail to arrive, plus the time to unpack and record the parcels in South Africa.



1. Please do not register your letters, parcels, packages or boxes.

2. Please do not give a dollar value on the parcels (or only the minimum amount as instructed by your post office). KAS pays minimal duty on most large parcels arriving. However, even just a small dollar value on a parcel attracts far higher duties. Letters, parcels/packages and boxes continue to arrive safely in volumes without any registration or dollar values appended to them.

3. Please do not send parcels over 20kg (44lbs) from Australia, Canada or the United States of America, or parcels over 30kg (66lbs) from the UK.

4. Please do send your squares flat (not folded). If you are sending a large number of squares, it is helpful for the unpacking team if they are bundled into 5's or 10's to make counting easier.

5. All 'ends' need to be darned in, and the 20" (50cm) 'tail' for sewing the squares together, should be butterflied* to avoid tangling during the unpacking process.

*How to ’butterfly the tail’ is as easy as 1, 2, 3 . 

Use contrasting yarn and follow the directions:

6. Please wrap your squares and crocheted or knitted items in a polythene bag, bubble wrap, or, Tyvek  or postal bags with an inner plastic coating to keep them moisture proof. Tape your parcels well.

7. A NOTE ABOUT "SLIP-INS" - frequently, KasFolk sent items in their parcels that we call "slip-ins".  These can include soft toys & teddies, singlets (under-shirts), T-shirts, socks, stickers, crayons and other things that are much wanted and needed in South Africa.  It is most important that all commercial packaging, labels, price tags etc are removed. Once this is done, the item qualifies as 'used' and will not attract duty. It is not necessary to declare these items on a customs slip since they have No Commerical Value.

We would like to thank you for contributing and hope very much that you will soon see your efforts making a child warm.

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