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The last distribution I reported back on was Evergreen Day Care in Finetown where we were joined by Annette and her son Luke and nephew Eric.  With all the extra help that day, we were actually able to do two other distributions in Finetown.

After leaving Evergreen, we headed to a very small Day Care Centre.  This Day Care is so small it did not even have a name.  It is run by the principal in a well-built corrugated iron shelter at the back of her home. 

Standing outside this tiny Cay Care Centre in Finetown.

We arrived at nap time and did not want to excite the children after having just spent a good hour or so playing with the children at Evergreen.  So we gently draped the blankets over the children and left them with toys, beanies and tops.

This may look like piles of blankets in rows, but under each blanket is a sleeping, or ought to be sleeping, angel!

After a brief visit we said our good byes and headed over to Itumeleng – not to be confused with the Day Care Centre that goes by the same name in Protea South.

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit at Itumeleng and got to play with this group of children who were wide awake!

We are often asked about the conditions in and around these schools and we took a few photos to give you an idea.

The children at Itumeleng are on the JAM feeding program and you can see all their red bowls drying outside after having been washed.  The principal, Angie, is also featured in the top right hand corner proudly showing us her vegetable garden!

This was a wonderful day in Finetown with three visits under the belt – we do so love it when volunteers join us for distributions!

Just to end off, we are preparing for Hobby X which takes place next week – we will provide feedback on that in the next report – and we are working at the piles of mail that keep coming in.  Each week we think we may just catch up, but we are not quite there yet – the postal strike certainly did result in a massive backlog.  We have also started to plan distributions towards the end of April when the night time temperatures begin to drop. 

To all of our Johannesburg based volunteer, from March we will meet at the office on a Tuesday for unpacking.  Please join us if you are able to. 

There is plenty on the go and we are loving it!