A Tribute of Thanks

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Before we are all off and running to new projects, I would like to pause and say a few words of thanks to the US volunteers in SA who gave time and treasure to make the Nancefield makeover a success.

It is one thing to sit at the computer, type some words, log in checks,  make a few trips to the bank, and send Ronda the money.  It is quite another............and more demanding..........thing to show up at the KAS offices, go on a huge shopping trip for all the equipment, drive to Nancefield, unpack and set up everything, and then stay to show the children how to play with the toys and puzzles.  That makes an exhausting day!  So our collective hats are off to everybody who had a hand in making the actual Nancefield installation possible: Ronda, Wandi, Lindi, Wendy, Annette, Lesley, and Donna...........(and please forgive me if I have forgotten anybody!)  You are the best and we thank you!

And a huge thank you to those from the US in SA who contributed funding to make our total soar:

Annette Widmer, Donna Hrencher, Kathy Lenz, Lesley Miller, Sam Dwyer, and our SA friend, Loraine Johnson.

What a wonderful feeling it is to know that the equipment and toys now in place will serve not only the children at Nancefield now but also the many children who will be there in years to come.

Our heartfelt thanks to all!