Free Crochet Patterns

Front Post Hat

Because of the overwhelming generosity of crocheters around the globe, KAS has a large surplus of hats [at least 2 hats for every blanket ] Would you consider making KAS hand-warmers until the supply diminishes ? The pattern is listed in the free pattern section. When the supply dwindles, KAS will again be delighted to accept your hats. March 2014


Crochet KASCuddle

The KASCuddle is designed to be an outer garment, like a “little sleeping bag”, to be used over whatever clothing the baby might be wearing. For our South African babies, it can be used both during the day when the baby is being carried and as a sleep sack at night, when many of these babies sleep on the ground snuggled beside their caregivers. For these little ones, the KASCuddle has the advantage of staying in place at night, unlike a blanket which can be kicked off.


KAS Hand-Warmers

The hand-warmer is designed to keep a child’s wrist and hand covered while leaving the fingers free. Classrooms are usually unheated. The hand-warmers will keep hands warm while the fingers are holding a pencil or crayon.

Crochet_Hand_ Warmers.pdf

Chain Stitch Square

An advantage of this pattern is that, since there is no end to the rounds, you can tie on a new yarn when your previous yarn ends. You can also alternate yarns “round by round” to make it look stripy.


Diamond in a Square

This pattern produces an interesting square all on its own, but it can also be used as a technique to adapt smaller square patterns to the sizes required in KAS blankets.


Granny Square

Granny squares are popular with both novice and experienced crocheters.


Jigsaw Square

This square has a step pattern crossing diagonally. By choosing complementary colours, this can create a wonderful effect.


Mitre Square

This square is guaranteed to come out the right size, because it starts from the corner and grows outward.


'Plain Jane' Square

Plain Jane and striped squares are the most fundamental part of what Knit-A-Square does. It takes 35 of these squares to make a blanket for a child in need and each square is treasured.


Puffed Heart Square

Show a child just how much they are loved, by rendering a heart right into their blanket square.


Solid Square

This square is simple to make, and has no holes or gaps which might let cold air in.


A Warm-Hearted Square

The heart is a lovely way to show the children you care, by sending them a little love.


Wheel Spoke Square

A wheel-style centre adds an interesting focal point to this solid crochet square.


Love and Hope Square

Crochet these words of encouragement. The children will love having a special word sewn into their blankets.


Chain Stitch Hexagon Sweater

This pattern is based on the same concept as the chain stitch square, except that it is constructed as a six-sided hexagon instead of a four-sided square. You may want to practise by making a chain stitch square, if you haven’t done so already.

Revised1 Crochet_Garment_Chain_Stitch_Hexagon_Sweater.pdf

Crochet KAS Go-Over

The most important thing about the GO-OVER is that it has large enough armhole and neck openings to accommodate hoodies or whatever else underneath.

Revised1_ Crochet_Garment_KASGo_Over.pdf

Stripes and Triangles Go-Over

This pattern is worked in one piece from the neck down. Change colours as you wish to create stripes.

Crochet_Sweater_Stripes_And_Triangles_Go_ Over_Revised2 short version.pdf

Teddy Bear Hand Puppet

The children in South Africa have very few if any playthings. A puppet will give a child many hours of fun and laughter.


No Sew Crochet Slip-Over

This slipover is worked from the top down, beginning with a rectangular yoke. This means that there is no hand-sewing required to finish. Please use a soft yarn to make a comfortable garment for the child.


Crochet Slip-Over

This simple slip over is with simple crocheted rectangles. It’s so simple, even beginner crafters can make it! Please use a soft yarn to make this a comfortable garment for the child.