Square Circle Back Issues

Would you like to know if your crochet and knitting for charity is making a difference to children in Africa, made vulnerable or orphaned as a result of the twin perils, HIV/AIDS and poverty? Come on the journey with us.
Our free Square Circle ezine brings those stories to you as the squares arrive in Africa, are made up into blankets and distributed to the children.

Our volunteers take photographs wherever they have distributed: the little ones of the Zeverfontein creches, the children of Moletsane and Phiri Parishes, the orphans who live with Mama Pat at Mother of Peace, the children in the shack settlements of White River and Protea South, Soweto and the children and teenagers of Diepsloot Shack Settlement, Gauteng.

Each of these with stories to inspire you, even if they make you cry.

Title Posted
The Orphans' Lament December 21, 12
Watch a child wrapped in your love and warmth. October 24, 12
Knit for orphans in Zimbabwe April 9, 12
A magical gift from 2012 December 2, 11
Letter from Ronda, Knit-a-square, South Africa November 27, 11
We're back July 24, 11
Stitching weaves connections to make a difference February 20, 11
KAS goes to prison December 13, 10
A very personal appeal December 3, 10
A little chap, Big John, rules the roost! October 5, 10
Every Day is Mandela Day for knit-a-square September 22, 10
Toward comfort and protection July 5, 10
An urgent appeal: children, right now, are suffering constant cold June 24, 10
A dentist adopts a creche May 21, 10
Are we making a difference April 25, 10
A PLEA - help us warm these babies April 1, 10
Come with us to South Africa March 17, 10
What's happening KAS? February 28, 10
Your gifts light up sad eyes January 22, 10
Sew on and sew forth! December 7, 09
Your work up close October 29, 09
Newly orphaned children in your blankets October 25, 09
A remarkable woman October 3, 09
A baby in a box September 8, 09
Why would you name a bunch of boys after a weed? August 29, 09
Orphans ... abandoned babies ... mothers in crisis ... how you help. August 21, 09
Schools, Squares and Letters July 25, 09
All about babies and you June 26, 09
Hats on heads and snugly wrapped children May 31, 09
The first knit a square on the go a success May 16, 09
Over 5000 Squares May 1, 09
Apology April 30, 09
A little more about that happy day! April 7, 09
Jamey receives your first blanket March 29, 09
Raining squares March 12, 09
SHORT UPDATE - final list of queries February 27, 09
URGENT UPDATE re: Using Wool and Acrylic Yarn February 24, 09
Special notice re: crocheting, yarn weights and use of wool February 22, 09
A blanket is a lifetime gift February 16, 09
Welcome and thank you January 16, 09